Some strange issues with Nextcloud on Safari


A friend of mine has reported some really strange issues with Nextcloud on safari.

  1. Getting logged out randomly without any indicator mentioning it.
  2. Often getting “flashing” screens when a folder is clicked in Nextcloud (this does not happen with other web apps).
  3. When writing for a long time, the document doesn’t save the changes despite autosave being enabled. To combat this, they copy the entire document content then quit, refresh, open the document and then paste the content, so it doesn’t get lost.

I have advised them to use another browser (Firefox and chrome) but the result has been the same. I have even asked them to put Firefox on troubleshoot mode, but the issues were not solved (they are on Mac).
They have told me they aren’t using any extensions except for a password manager. I have tried a couple of times to reproduce the bugs/issues, but I just can find any issue. All my test has been on Linux on Firefox and Chromium.
The Nextcloud version is recent 23.0.0
The only thing I think might be causing these issues is an internet safety software they haven’t told me about it.

I can provide logs if it helps.

Many thanks in advance

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Looks like a really strange problem :frowning: