Some requests to my calendars are timing out and I can't figure out why

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Nextcloud version (eg, 20.0.5): 24.0.4 (docker-compose setup with traefik)
Operating system and version (eg, Ubuntu 20.04): Ubuntu 20.04 (host system)
Apache or nginx version (eg, Apache 2.4.25): Traefik 2.8
PHP version (eg, 7.4): latest in official 24.0.4 docker image

The issue you are facing:

When syncing my calendars on android via DAVx5 I’m getting timeouts (504s), since the requests take over 60 seconds. This has been running fine for years (since 2019) with regular updates. And it suddenly started to appear. Now I can’t sync my calendars at all.

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? (Y/N): Y

Steps to replicate it:

I don’t know how to replicate it.

There doesn’t seem anything in the nextcloud logs regarding this issue. Also I can’t see a lot of CPU or disk usage, so I don’t think there are resource issues.

Traffic access log:

[06/Sep/2022:08:08:46 +0000] "PROPFIND /remote.php/dav/calendars/name/personal/ HTTP/2.0" 504 167 "-" "-" 2896 "nextcloud@docker" "" 60061ms

I would appreciate any info on how I could further debug this issue. I will gladly share more logs, etc. Whatever will help finding out what’s going on.

When looking at the monitoring it seems like the 504s are happening for a few hours and then everything is fine for roughly a day and then it happens again. Even though the amount of syncing stays the same and there is no other change of load on the server during that time.