Some questions regarding NCP

  • What encryption is NOT dangerous for files/apps? On the NCP side it gives a warning and end-to-end sais the same. I’d like to encrypt everything/as much as possible. Including my usb which runs most things.

  • How to use CSP?

  • I experienced that people don’t think it’s required to make the NCP more secure. But I do. So if there’s somebody out here who agrees with me, which steps did you take with which softwares?

  • I remember owncloud having apps to use external storage like dropbox and google drive. I’ve tried to enable the gdrive app in NCP 15, but after that my NCP didn’t work anymore so I had to manually delete it. Being able to use the NCP with external storage other than usb drives would be nice.

  • How does the PDF converter work? I tried it on a document, and set the rules to “match” and then exact filename. But nothing happens to my .doc file.

  • How does the video viewer work?

  • How come I can not listen to songs on my android? It’s not supported somehow. Can’t the NCP stream the audio so that the phone can just listen?

  • Why is apache2 used? Nginx seems more suitable for nextcloud?

I had more questions but I can’t think of them now :stuck_out_tongue:

ps: I installed OSSEC and OSSEC gave me this warning:
Rule: 510 fired (level 7) -> “Host-based anomaly detection event (rootcheck).”
Portion of the log(s):

Trojaned version of file ‘/bin/grep’ detected. Signature used: ‘bash|givemer|/dev/’ (Generic).

So either NCP comes with a trojan, or OSSEC is confused. Which one is it? And how to fix it?

Why can’t I use gmail as a email service? It can’t authorize or something, while I use the correct smtp and imap servers and ports. Username/pass is ok too. So why does it fail?