Some questions about collaboration


I am the author of NextCloudPi ( )

I really like this project and I am a long time OC/NC user. I 100% support the philosophy behind it.

One day, I decided that it would be nice to help adoption, since I see that many people do not use NC because of lack od technical skills or just because setup is time consuming. That is how I started NextCloudPi.

Lately I was wondering how I should go on with my contributions, so I decided to ask here.

  1. how is the process for things like NextCloudBox? are they open? are they open to collaboration? any link?
  2. would it be possible/interesting to join forces with NextCloudPi?

It is a bit silly when there are two groups of people doing the same thing, right?

If this is not the right place to ask this, please indicate to me where should I go