Some questions about backups. Setting up a new NCP

Hi. I hope to get some answers here.

Im setting up a new ncp and have some questions before I decide my setup.

Q1: If I set up my ncp and have a 500gb brtfs drive as data drive. Is it possible to have the periodic backupdrive using a 2 TB usb Ntfs drive? Or does it have to be Btrfs to work? This is because I have some problems recover files after a crash earlier.

Q2: I know I can expand the memory using external Usb drives. Can I have this external USB drive thats always mounted included in my Periodical backups to a second external usb drive?

We are 5 users in the family and the 500GB drive will be to small after a while. I also have a 5TB external backup drive but I rally dont want to use is as a backup for a 2TB as I want to take my other backups from windows and cameras using that drive.
I also have 2 x 250 gb powered usb drives to expand the data with and it would be great to include those in the periodical automatic backups.

Q3: Is it posible to login using samba to access all users datafolders? Ringt now I can login and see my user but I want to acess all other users as well. To manage backups using winmdows.


Q1 No, Ntfs is not supported by ncp. Check for supported backup methods

Q2 yes

Q3 yes

Hi OliverV.
Thank you.

For Q1 i found this side and there is this text after periodic backup:


  • Doesn’t require any advanced filesystem such as BTRFS.

Thats why I asked.

Q2: The link shows how to backup to secons USB drive. I want to include files from a second USBdrive (external local usb) to ackup on third local USB drive. Possible?

Q3: I have done that but I can only access ncp users data.