Some question about android app usage on "automatic upload"


Server Nextcloud version: 15.0 (via docker “nextcloud:latest” which should be 15.0.0-apache, at time of this writing)
Server Operating system and version: Ubuntu 18.04
Android Nextcloud-Version: 3.4.0

I have some questions reagrding android app:

  • If I set a folder on my mobile to “automatic upload” will it just upload new files or also if I change files in this folder?
  • It would be nice to define a own structure for “automatic uploads”, if I want to define year-month subfolders, like “2018-12” instead of 2018/12. Is this somehow possible or are there any plans to have such a feature?

Sorry if I’ve missed something out on forums/github, but there is quite a lot to read, if you are new to this topic.


it is a synch app:
Q1 yes
Q2 as / is not possible in w10 folder names, - is used.


Q1 - ok seems that I have to wait a little bit, until it gets uploaded. Or I did something wrong on my first tries. And it changes only if I make changes on android side and not nextcloud-server side. But ok it’s an “automatic upload” and no “automatic two-way sync”

And if I change files which are on my server directly via mobile the changes somehow not syncing back to server, as I would expect.

Q2 - have an android and an ubuntu nextcloud server, no w10 or anything like that. I think I wasn’t quite clear: If I want to upload photos automaticallly and set the “use subfolders” I get a subfolder 2018 and within I get a subfolder 12 (for the month), I’d rather prefer a single subfolder like 2018-12, cause I’m used to that kind of structure right now without nextcloud.

Q1: It seems that I haven’t changed the “real” file on my mobile just a downloaded version. I needed to make a file “offline available” , then I can change it with an editor and then it also gets synced back to server. If I just do a “open with” on android app it seems not to work (opens only the webdav link or downloads a copy of the file). I have to go to the folder where nextcloud stores the offline versions. Perhaps it’s a problem with droidedit, I don’t know.

I’ve gone with nextcloud solution of 2018 + subfolder 12 instead of something like 2018-12. Latter would be possible with change to the codebase, but it wasn’t that important to me.