Some nice words about Desktop notifications

Whoever came up with the idea of desktop notifications about updates: It is great and I love it. :heart:

It really urges me to update, but I don’t feel it is annoying, since I can dismiss the notification. But most of all it saves me the trouble of checking the backend or newsfeeds all the time for new versions!

Between all the problems discussed in the forums, I felt like leaving some nice words here today :slight_smile: Bear with me, if you feel this is out of place here.

There is one thing though, that surprises me every time and sometimes makes me smile about the absurdity (probably it’s just me not getting it…). Why does it take a few seconds to dismiss a notification? :blush: It even neatly shows that it will be closing in a few seconds. Is it maybe to give you another chance to read the notification, before it disappears for ever? :nerd:

Anyways, this doesn’t reduce my kudos for the feature :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend

Great to see massages when things are working and people are happy :slight_smile:

For the client, the merits belong probably to the guys who develop the client for owncloud (

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