Some files have not passed the integrity check Invalid Files


I am on 25.03 but had this error for the last 5-6 updates and decided today is the day I am going to tackle it!

I have an awful lot of files reported as being problematic but searching and searching I cannot find a fix close to my problem? Can anyone please point me in the right direction?

Thank you!

Here is a copy of my list of invalid files

Is anyone able to point me in the right direction please?

Thank you

Go to your apps and check Calender version and disable this app, than find corresponding version in a, download archive, extract it and replace all files in a /path/to/yourNC/apps/calender folder.
Now you can enable app and run integrity check again and see if it solved.

Hi @gas85
Thanks so much for your reply!
I carried this out (calendar was already disabled) everything went smooth,

I now have calendar installed, ran occ integrity:check-app calendar
but still the files are showing as invalid a huge log fill of this…

  • js/calendar-node_modules_moment_locale_ru_js.js:
    - expected: f29d9f8cafcb777694be3986931a067b3bca9360230d267225baf5282e3df21f06028bd2795e8dc5e1cb52aea35c91d26c2be8ee5698fdd0b8cb3d15dab69590
    - current:
    • js/
      • expected: 297cbace3021f50597db9ffcd9bfe524788aa364d68be9e170e877cb4e003a589a430bc79d0e22553e2b3dac0d1d7a724a686fdde2b8229ff511255095bc1b25

Calendar 4.2.4 is now installed.

If I click Rescan from the Administration settings menu I get this message after 10 seconds

504 Gateway Time-out


I have rebooted as well,

Any more suggestions? thank you for your time!


Just to update, I had a corrupt file that could not read/write, I had to format my unraid cache drive and restore a backup. All working now, thank you for trying to help :slight_smile:

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That was unexpected :smiley: