Some files are not unencrypted


I dont actually exactly know when this happend but now when i was looking for i file i came across that some of my files are still encrypted even if its turned off. is it possible to try to reencrypt and then decrypt or are the files srewed? i would really like to have the files back but i dont really know where to start. sorry, im a bit noob in this area

Edit I have found the keys in the folders files_encryption and there is also an OC_DEFAULT_MODULE folder, as far as i know i dont have the master key.

i found this site

but i dont understand how to use it, were should i install it and how to run it?

all help is highly appreciated!

Here is server encryption documentation.

@Mathias1 I’m the author of the script you found. It’s expected that you run the rescue/decrypt-all-files.php script on a host that has PHP installed. It’s written with Linux and MacOS users in mind but I already had feedback that it also works on Windows. Within the script you have to set some configuration values, most of them can be taken from the config/config.php configuration file of your Nextcloud installation.

Hi I managed tho rescue my files thanks to your script! Thanks! :blush: