[SOLVED] Which version shall I install for testing? 12beta4? 12RC2?

On the download page, I see “beta 4” as the latest version.

In Github and in prereleases, a RC2 is already available.

Which version shall I run in order to provide feedback for the upcoming release?

Thanks, Uli

@Uli_He Beta4 is also available on Github. Change the branch to tag 12 Beta 4.

12 Beta 4 is the latest beta version atm I think.

If you check the timestamp of RC2 and beta4 you will see that RC2 is of the 19th and beta4 of the 17th. So RC2 is the newer one.

@StephanW ups… :laughing: im sorry

And now RC3

So the “newest” tag I find is the one I’m supposed to install, right? No matter if it shows up within the nextcloud download page or not?

I’m asking because for example the apache tomcat team does things differently. They create new versions, run their tests and only if all their tests succeed, they announce the version on their website. So the announced version is “better” than the once that only show up in their SCM.

Note: I think I do understand the difference between “release”, “RC” and “beta”.

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The updater always shows the newest version of your channel btw :wink:.

@MichaIng: Sorry, not for me. I don’t want my nextcloud instance to have outgoing connections to the internet :frowning:

Ah okay, in this case go for https://download.nextcloud.com/server/releases/latest.zip = latest-12.zip (this major release) = nextcloud-12.0.0.zip (this minor release).

In https://download.nextcloud.com/server/prereleases/ it just would have been the last modified one, which you can easily find by sorting it. Usually for this folder: the newer, the less bugs, as every new beta/RC mainly contain bugfixes.

Besides the prereleases, the daily subfolder contains new, just internally (github) testet features/fixes, which are never announced on the webside before better tested and merged into a new beta/prerelease.

Thanks a lot. I’ve deleted my test installation in the meantime and upgraded my production instance to NC12. Looks pretty good. Thanks for your work.