[solved] Webupdater not working NC24.0.8

Hi there,

So I have a working NC24 installation. It was working fine for some time but in the last few days it refuses to update.


I get notification of 24.0.9 being available, select “Open Updater” and the summary page is already ticked (not even a stutter reloading the green ticks)

When I select “Continue update” I’m taken back to NC Dashboard.

My suspicions are this could have been caused by a failed NC25 update. I had to restore the machine after my colleague run update in error (no php8 on the server messed up the upgrade).

No update files are downloaded, no backups are made and I have a .step file with this inside

Any suggestions?

The solution was to delete the .step file from data/updater directory.

After that the updated went smoothly…

Thanks :slight_smile:

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