Solved: Webdav calender in Thunderbird

Hey there,

I’m using Thunderbird as my mail client and calendar application. On my Nextcloud server I’ve several calendars which I want to sync with Thunderbird.

But there seems to be no way to configure account credentials which are needed to connect to my 2FA Nextcloud servers webdav calendars.

Hopefully someone here has some tips or a solution.


there is a setting to generate App-Pins so your TB can use that.

thats correct, this I method I use for example for my smartphone. But I don’t see a way to configure this in Thunderbird/Lightning.

You have to generate the password in your personal settings, see :wink:

if you already set a password in TB, you need to open the password manager there you can change it.
Else it should give you a password-message box.

F— yes, I got it. Thankyou @dev0, I totally forgot that I allready had set that damn password :-/