[Solved] User is being logged out after few minutes

I’m facing the issue of a single specific account is being logged out of the web version as well as the mobile app clients after a few.

The environment:
NC 22.X then fresh RC3 (not an upgrade related issue)
PHP 7.4.26
MariaDB 10.6.5
nginx 1.18

There’s no entries in nginx’ error.log, nothing in php’s.

In it’s network console tab, firefox shares this:

A look on the console tab reveals:

This was happening after logging in and not navigating in any way.

I have attempted to disable numerous, then all 3rd party apps, a fresh installation and restarts. The fact that the same account is affected across multiple devices and clients is a given.

Happy to hear your thoughts!

RE: NC’s debug log:

Debug    no app in context  OC\AppFramework\Middleware\Security\Exceptions\NotLoggedInException: Current user is not logged in   2022-01-29T22:36:42+00:00 
                              at .../Middleware/Security/SecurityMiddleware.php line 153                                                                     
                              0. .../MiddlewareDispatcher.php line 97                                                                                        
                              1. .../Dispatcher.php line 118                                                                                                 
                              2. lib/private/AppFramework/App.php line 157                                                                                   
                              3. lib/private/Route/Router.php line 302                                                                                       
                              4. lib/base.php line 1006                                                                                                      
                              5. index.php line 36                                                                                                           

Alright, the user_sql backend introduced a user with the same uid.

Move on to proper UIDs when?!