(Solved) Talk chats deleted after NC20 to NC21 upgrade (nextcloudpi in docker)

Tutorial: How to updated NC 20 to NC21 without losing conversations.


When updating Nextcloud from NC20 to NC21.0.7, all Talk conversations and messages are deleted.


  • Nextcloudpi Docker ownyourbits/nextcloudpi-x86 v1.40.4
  • Nextcloud 20 (latest)
  • Talk latest for NC 20


Always make a full backup of everything befor proceeding! (ncp has nice features!)

  1. Make a backup

  2. got to your /nextcloud/apps/ folder (Command line)
    cd /„your nextcloudpi-volume“/nextcloud/apps/

  3. Manually install Talk App Version 10.1.4:

wget https://github.com/nextcloud/spreed/archive/refs/tags/v10.1.4.zip

unzip v10.1.4.zip

sudo mv spreed spreed-old

sudo mv spreed-v10.1.4 spreed

  1. Fix Permissions for app folder:

sudo chown -R www-data:www-data ./spreed

  1. Open your Nextcloud in the Browser, refresh page, click on update (talk)
    (Notice that Talk is empty when loaded, dont worry)

  2. Upgrade your NC

docker exec -it nextcloudpi /bin/bash

ncp-config > updates > update NC instance > 21.0.7 > start

After the NC upgrade the Talk chats should be still there. Now you can savely proceed to update upgrade further.

(Always check the logs, make small updates and do backups. No warranty.)
(Please feel free to correct me, Im still a beginner, struggeld with this update andd just wanted to share what worked for me.)

Original source:
(Source: All conversations gone after manual upgrade from Nextcloud 20.0.8 to 21. · Issue #5281 · nextcloud/spreed · GitHub )