[Solved]Strange behaviors of Nextcloud in Activity app

Hi everyone, I’m a new member. :blush:
I am using nextcloud from about six months, with great satisfaction. Thanks to all the developers and thanks to the whole community for the fantastic work done.
I come to the point. I have seen some strange behaviors of Nextcloud, that is when I share a public link with email the activity app (from web interface) does not show me the activity of sharing nor previous activities letting the icon of waiting forever run. I noticed that the activities are shown correctly on the client for pc (owncloud ver 2.4.1 build 9270), instead on the client for android (Nextcloud ver 3.0.3) all activities are shown but in place of the name of the person whom the link is sent there is “{user}”.
I dont understand if it’s just my malfunction, or if it’s a Nextcloud bug.
Nextcloud is installed on a PC with Ubuntu server 17.10 x64, apache2-2.4.27, mysql-5.7.21 and php-7.1. The problem was found with Nextcloud and also with
Thanks for the support :slight_smile:

no one with same issue?

Can you post a screenshot of your activity settings?

Here it is…

I’m not able to read italian but it looks right.

when I publicly share a file via email, I can no longer see the activities prior to sharing, the activity window remains as in the image.

In the info box related to the shared file the activities remain visible.

This looks like a bug in the activity app.

Maybe you should file a bug then. https://github.com/nextcloud/activity

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OK, I’ll try with them.
Thank you!!!

It was a bug on the interface in Italian language.
If anyone is interested in the solution you can find it here
Thanks :slight_smile:

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