[Solved] Snap upgrade 12 to 13


This maybe a daft question, I’ve done some googling/research but I cannot see a way of updating nextcloud 12.0.5 to 13.
Running “sudo snap install nextcloud” install 12.0.5 not 13 as the documentation shows

Any advise would be rather welcomed.



afaik you as a user of snap cant really update on yourself. you need to wait on the snap-maintainers doing that.
so this idea might compfort you: if they updated it means no more work for you since then your snappy version updates itself without you needing to do anything more…

I understand. When and how can we know if the snap-makers have released it for Nextcloud 13?

if you’d take a close look here into the forum you’d see that they are just testing a snap with 13.0.1 these days.
dunno how long the tests will take… but they are working on it. you’re NOT forgotten :wink: