[Solved] Quota Subfolders

I have set a quota of 100 MB for one user.
If this user logs in via a web browser, he will see his quota at the bottom left corner.
However, this restriction only applies to this level. If the user creates a new folder, there is no limit to this folder (e. g. 100 MB).
How can I enforce the quota for all folders, including subfolders?

Quota is always based on all files and folders the user owns. Which version are you on? Keep in mind that if a folder is shared with a user, the quota of the owner of the share will apply!

I’m a newbie, and I’m testing next cloud right now. It’s Version 12.0.4 (hosted)
I uploaded a photo that illustrates my problem.
The user Marketing has 15 MB available (see picture below links). But he could upload 100.7 MB (2 files).
Sorry, but this is a German system: (

Hi @Peterz

Did that user upload these files into your(!) folder which you shared with him?

The Quota is only relevant for each users personal space.
As an example: you could even create a user user1 with a Quota of 0 Bytes. Consequently this user user1 cannot upload or create files in his personal space. But when another user user2 shares a folder with write permission, then user1 can indeed upload files to that folder. This is because the Quota limit is only checked for the folder owner.
Sticking to that example, if user2 has a Quote of 10MB and share a folder with user1, then user1 can upload a maximum amount of 10MB to that folder.

I hope this clarifies the thing about Quotas a little bit.

Now I got it :wink:

Did that user upload these files into your(!) folder which you shared with him?

Yes I did :frowning:

Many thanks and greetings from Germany.

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