[Solved] Quick explanation about SFTP and /var/www... please :)

Hi Nextcloud and thanks for your good work !

Nextcloud is working fine, I am working on the last optimizations… I don’t understand why I seem to have 2 nextcloud files on my computer :

  • the first on my server on a sftp://home6XXXXXX.1and1-data.host
  • the second in /var/www/html/nextcloud

I assume the main one is the sftp because changes I am making on this file directly affect my Nextcloud.
The changes I make in the second one seems not to work
But some tutorials I see on internet use /var/www…

There surely is an easy explanation but I need your help to understand :slight_smile:

Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS 64bits,
Apache2 version 2.4.18
PHP 7.1.11-1

I have already posted in your other thread, but reading this, the problem seems to be a little more fundamental.

If tutorials talk about “/var/www/html/nextcloud”, then they mean the “/var/www/html/nextcloud” folder on your server. These tutorials expect you to have control of a full (virtual) Linux server.

I assume “sftp://home6XXXXXX.1and1-data.host” connects you to some kind of hosting solution? But it’s not a path on a Linux filesystem.

Indeed the Nextcloud folder is on a sftp (which I understand is my server ?) but I also have locally within my computer and Ubuntu another Nextcloud file that I can find in /var/www/html/nextcloud

Is my hosting solution, via sftp, good enough or do I have to create a “full (virtual) Linux Server” ? :slight_smile:

Thanks @TheMindFlayer for your previous answer which came pretty quick, much appreciated :slight_smile:

Yes, that is your “server”, whatever that may be. sftp is actually just a protocol to connect to your server, but not a “thing” in itself. And I don’t know what kind of hosting you have or if it is good enough. I never used something like that.

You can get rid of everything on your local desktop.