[solved] Push-notifications for non-root users

Hi Nextcloud-Community!

Not sure if this is the right category, sorry if it is not.

I want to use push notifications from NC to (mobile) clients. Push messages are working nicely if i send via an occ command. (And, yes, i am aware of the dataprotection problems and googe FCM … )

Now am looking for a way to accomplish the following:

Users of a group (let’s say “teachers”) should be able to trigger a push-notification for a circle (let’s say “Math-Class-D”) they own or, if circle is not possible at least to a given group.

I have inspected the App “Announcement Center” but with this one only Admins can sent announcements to groups and the User has to turn on “push” for Admin Notifications.

Has someone an idea how to get this done?
Thanks for any hint…

Yours, Gerd

OK sorry, it wasn’t so hard to find:

  • Grant the right to write Announcements to the wanted Group here: /settings/admin/additional

  • Change the default settings vor new users to include push for Admin Announcements here: /settings/admin/activity

Only left on my whishlist: Announcement Center should work with circles, Push without Google.
Yours, Gerd