[Solved] Purchase Outlook Plug-in where?

I would like to purchase a license for the Outlook Plug In. I have asked for a Quote about three days ago but have had NO response.

We host the free version of NextCloud.

I wish there was a # I could call and just purchase the licenses?

From what I read, I am guessing the Enterprise or Licensed version of Outlook Plugin
is only available with a paid version of NextCloud. Is this correct?



@usselite could you help this guy, please?

The paid version is available for customers with a support contract as far as Iā€™m aware.

Hello @rdavis,

As @JasonBayton pointed out the Enterprise version of the add-in goes with a support contract for Nextcloud. The quote starts with 50 users. I will try to contact Nextcloud also on your behalf so they are aware of your contact request.

Nextcloud entirely does the Outlook add-in sales.


Hi @rdavis thanks for your interest and usage of Nextcloud!

I have sent sales a ping on your request. Note that for up to 250 users the easiest and fastest way to get a contract is to use https://nextcloud.com/enterprise/order/

Take care,