[solved] Problem with Collabora NC19 and Android Clients


since the update to NC19 I can’t open office files via the Android client anymore.
When I try to open the office file with the Android client, I only get a loading circle and sometime a message that loading takes a long time.

Tested versions:

  • Collabora Code v4.2.3 (Docker Version) and Collabora Code v4.2.404 (Built-in Version)
  • Nextcloud Server v19.0.0
  • Android Client v3.12.0 and Dev Version v20200610

Opening and editing of Office programs via Web browser works without any problems

Is the problem known ? If so, what can I do?
Or do I have to provide further information, if so what ?


Hi, I’ve been having the same problem for a few month.
My versions are:

  • Collabora Code 4.2.4 (docker version)
  • Nextcloud 19
  • Android app 3.12.0

I can open Office documents via web browser without problems, but on the app it keeps loading.

Bug is fixed with latest collabora-plugin update ( 3.7.1 or higher)

Awesome! I’ve just updated the plugin from 3.7.0 to 3.7.2 and can confirm it’s working again!

This problem seems to returned. i can open office documents webbased but not with the android app. keeps loading

I have the same problem: document keeps loading on Android. Seems to happen on both NC app and browser… :frowning:

Same for me, Word documents crash after loading bar gets 100%, Excel documents just end ab in a grey background with 3 icons that can’t be clicked.