[SOLVED] Polls App 2.0.5 not upgrading, blocks nextcloud - broken!

I have the polls application installed since a long time and using it with our sports club.
Now when I did an upgrade to nextcloud version 20.0.11 from 20.0.9 I ran into a problem.
The log says:

"Message":"Too few arguments to function OCA\\Polls\\Migration\\FixVote

and the updater stops working. I had to remove the folder/app.
When I retried to install 2.0.5, the same error (now at nextcloud 20.0.11) appears and I had to remove the folder again.
Now I switched back to polls 2.0.4 and everything works fine.

So 2.0.5 seems to be broken


see An unhandled exception has been thrown during update V2.0.4 -> V2.0.5 · Issue #1811 · nextcloud/polls · GitHub

So it seems a known problem in NC20.
The solution is to wait for the next version, or edit the code as suggested?

  • but I can’t see this mentioned comma at line 73… :grimacing:

I’m not the maintainer of the app. I just helped you find a reasonable report of the bug.

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Solution: Skip his version and install newer one