[solved] Php7 & Nextcloud first intall on Raspberrypi3


I have an issue about some php modules (zip, xmlwriter, xmlreader, libxml, multibyte, simplexml) that are not recognized when connecting to nextcloud after first install. Here is the type of message i have connecting to nextcloud :
"PHP module zip not installed. Please ask your server administrator to install the module."
I firstly followed this tuto, but it appears that the current version of nextcloud needs php 5.6. I also followed this tuto to install php 7. It worked, but at the end, when launching nextcloud i have the previously mentioned messages. I have restarted my pi3, but nothing changed.
Any idea?



I have not seen that particular error, but maybe I can save you some time.

I created an image for the RPI with Nextcloud 11, PHP7 and HTTP2.

My purpose is to have people use Nextcloud, even non technical people. You can download it at


Nextcloud is really nice but it sits on a web + database system. That prevents many people from using it and that is why I did this.

Hope it helps

Thanks. Probleme was solved with installing missing php7 modules from here : https://wouterdeschuyter.be/blog/quick-tip-install-php-7-on-raspbian-using-the-official-testing-branch-450074127