[SOLVED] Photos apps: how to preview other directories than "Photos"

Hi everyone,

I like the Photos-App, which offers previews for all pictures stored in the directory “Photos”.
However, because I want to create other directory containing pictures (which I want to share with users), it would be great if the Photos-App could also give a preview of pictures in other directories…

Is there a way I can tell the Photos-App to also look in e.g. Directory1 ?

Or shall I include any directory containing pictures to be previewed in the directory “Photos” (which is scanned by default by the Photos-App) ?


Unclear what you’re asking for. Photos DOES go through all directories.

Thanks Larry for trying to help.

No, Photos does not go through all directories for me.
I am using NC 21.0.2
Photos does show pictures stored in SOME directories.
It seems that photos stored in shared directories are overlooked (also in group folders).
And Photos does not show *.JPG, but shows *.jpg

Thanks for any help

Shared yes (if you are the owner), group, maybe not. You wouldn’t want it showing group or incoming shared directories since it would be a poop-show anyway.

As for the “JPG”… fix your file extensions – upper case is NOT CORRECT.
You can cheat it probably by adding a mime type for upper case.

Thank you Larry, yes it makes sense