[SOLVED] Notification through mentions on Comments NC 14

Just upgraded to NC 14, but have a minor problem.

When we mentioned a user (@user_name) on Comments of a file on NC 13, the mentioned user was used to get a notification in the upper right corner. Now, this behavior is pretty inconsistent on NC 14. Sometimes we get the notification, sometimes not.

What could be the cause of it. Probably, I am overseeing a setting.


Check the “stream” settings in NC14.

Thanks for your helping.

I am not sure what “Stream” setting is. If you mean “Settings > Activity (under Personal) > Stream column” by “Stream”, then all of them are already checked. But, still no go.

If anything else, please let me know.

Check under Settings > Administration > Activity to ensure everything that should be checked, is checked in there.

Sorry for nagging. But, all (except the third one) checked there.

No problem. No nagging either :slight_smile: Are the settings for Admin and personal the same in other words?

Problem solved. All my dumbness.

If the file is not shared with user X, user X cannot receive any notifications for the mentions in the comments section of that file. Surely, it is correct logic.

Thank you for your support.

Glad it is solved. Maybe mark it as such? Sorry I was not of more help.