[Solved] Nextcloudpi - Format HDD 3Tb


I’ve a Toshiba external HDD with 3Tb, but after doing nc-format-USB in nextcloudpi-config i’ve realized that the drive only shows 2TB

Is the format done with fdisk or with parted? I suppose that is the first
It’s possible to implement an option to use parted
please see https://joshstrange.com/ubuntu-formatting-a-3tb-drive/

For those who have drives >2TB (which are starting to be quit normal in the market) the fdsik will always produce 2TB available space!

Can i do the format manually the drive with parted using the terminal and then do the rest of the steps in nextcloudpi-config, including the nc-automount?


My impression based on what you’re saying is the drives are being formatted as MBR and not GPT

@nachoparker thoughts?

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wow, I had no idea about this. I will investigate and definitely change to parted then if needed be.

yes, that is no problem

I used parted and then I used mkfs with lazy itable because otherwise my HDD was constantly blinking https://www.hecticgeek.com/2015/01/ext4-external-hard-disk-busy-at-idle-fix/ .

So after parted I did

mkfs -t ext4 -L myCloudDrive -E lazy_itable_init=0,lazy_journal_init=0 /dev/sdX1

Then applied nc-automount and all appears stable

cool, great info. I’ll look at it (also the lazy stuff) when I fix it.


I created a bug report some days ago

edit: I did add the lazy init options in v0.31.4

edit2: lol I confused GB with TB

yeah that seems to be the case

fixed in v0.31.5, using parted instead of fdisk to create GPT partitions

Thanks for the info

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