[SOLVED] NextCloudPi autologin

This is Day 2 of my fresh NextCloudPi install. I need help with getting back into the NextCloudPi OS.

Device - Raspberry Pi 4 with 4G ram
Storage - SanDisk Ultra SD Card 200Gb

Day 1
I was able to access NextCloud through web browser and Android client app with no issue. I also did the following:

  • changed user pi password and enabled autologin for user pi via raspi-config
  • synced my Android phone contacts and some files with NextCloud
  • restarted the RPi and confirmed both autologin and syncing were still working

Day 2

  • enabled usb storage automounting via NCP Panel
  • made a backup from NCP Panel
  • unable to find a way to unmount the usb drive I powered off the RPi using the NCP Panel Power Off button (at this point the RPi has been running headless)
  • Powered RPi back with monitor and keyboard now connected

Autologin kicked in, but Terminal shows a message “You are required to change your password immediately (administrator enforced)” and a prompt for the current password for user pi.

Nothing happens when I enter the password, which I am sure is correct as I logged out then in to the NextCloud client app to confirm.

NextCloud Web UI, NCP Panel and Android client app are still working along well.

What can I do to get past the message/prompt and into Terminal?

UPDATE 27 Jan 2021

  • A message which I have not noticed before comes up whenever I key in the password. It says “Authentication token manipulation error”

I had never seen this message in any of my Linux laptops. A quick search revealed it can be for a few different reasons.

A password reset was the solution for me.