-solved- Nextcloud v25 on keyhelp

I want to install the latest nextcloud on this date on the latest keyhelp.
I copied the web setup into the web space and created a database.

Fine, downloading files and installing the database works flawless.
But then it tries to redirect my to the login.

Since then, every access is denied.

AH01071: Got error 'Access to the script '/home/users/xxxzzz/www/nextcloud/core/apps/recommended' has been denied (see security.limit_extensions)'

Even if I allow the limit_extensions, than I get an error, that it can’t find any script like that.
It seems to be a problem with the apache and fpm from keyhelp, that it can’t use the URI after the index.php.

Any clou what I or keyhelp is missing here?


What are the permissions on the file mentioned in the error?

Full path and subfiles are owned by the keyhelp user and are set to 775.

the path “nextcloud/core/apps/recommended” or “/home/users/rahm-it/www/nextcloud/login” does exist.
But somehow nextcloud should redirect the URI, but it doesn’t

I’ve never heard of keyhelp. Is that your web server? Maybe it’s not compatible, or something about the way it configured Apache is wrong. Normally Apache owns all the files.

I complete reinstalled the server from scratch