[SOLVED] Nextcloud linux client desktop


i have the latest client on my kubuntu desktop, i used my nextcloud without issue.
Few days ago i needed to connect with an another account from the same server.

I removed my account from the client, and try to connect my new account.
and I’m unable to connect, it always bring me to my old account with the message : my token is not valid or have expired.

I removed the client, removed files from my old confiuration in .config/Nextcloud…

But still the same.

any advice ?

Thanks all

First, you don’t have to delete accounts on the client to connect to other accounts. The client can handle multiple accounts.

Can you still connect to the first account?

Maybe the second account has enables two-factor auth? In this case you need an app password.


Yep you can’t use an app token for two different devices, but you can create a new one in settings.

Hi thanks for the answer…

However, the devices and the server remains the main, when i try to add the account , it bring with the initial account used on the client. it doesnt ask me the new login and password … that what it weird in this case.

actually my only solution is to use the owncloud client, as it doesnt use the same auth mechanis seems…

There may be a misunderstanding or some other issues involved. Usually and AFAIK, one can make a setup with more than one Nextcloud account on the same NC desktop client install requiring the provision of seperate local Nextcloud folders for each of the respective accounts.

@pixiesfr Could you please clarify?

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Ok there seems indeed to be a problem when the second account is on the same server. I just did a test on my testcloud. It does not ask for the user name again, so the first account is used. This may be an issue of the client, can someone clarify?

A workaround would be to create a second subdomain on the server that refers to the same cloud, but I did not test such a configuration.

hi @TP75 and @eehmke,

@eehmke is right, 2 account on the same server doesn’t work.
And even if i remove/delete the first account from the NC client, it doesn’t ask me the login and password and till refer to the first account which as been removed.

But I don’t understand from where he find the old account?

I’m using the nextcloud client 2.6.0 on ubuntu 18.10 released.


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Its a Bug in the linux Client 2.6.0.

Here is a workaround -> https://github.com/nextcloud/desktop/issues/1412#issuecomment-540458549

The configuration is stored in your home directory at

Maybe there are some relicts of your first setup.

I found a way to create two (or more) accounts on the same server. But it involves modifying the config file in a text editor, so it is not a safe method. The client can not create such configuration, but it can interpret the modified file. Someone interested?

@pixiesfr Thanks for the clarification.

However, please note adressing the two a.m. users in this forum when appropriate should contain the ‘@’ as preface to the resp. user name to allow for automatic forum messaging as well as GitHub collaboration. BTW this the way you are addressed by my above line of comment again.

In medias res

Furthermore, I do not want to question your deliberations and the liberty in using any setup you deem fit. Nevertheless, I would like to point at the usual availability of sharing and/or administrable group folders in a NC environment in general.

AFAIK for administrative purposes there is the Impersonate app which allows administrators to become a different user by adding an impersonate action to the user list.

Unfortunately, until now I do not fully grab your idea and reason to change the accounts as mentioned. I may have a limited view or misunderstand your core goal but I would have some general concerns on mixing local copies of data and user access with NC sharing and ACLs i.e. access control lists or other credentials.

De gustibus non est disputandum

I do not in any way want to hinder the technical debate and the fruitful discussion. IMHO sometimes one may forget the reason while looking for elaborate (technical) solutions.

However, I remain open for any reasonable clarification or argument of proof and a fair discussion.

@TP75 I fixed my old post to reflect the forum rules.

@JABAHOSTING : That fixed my issue after deleting the old account, thank you and sorry i didnt search well seems as I didn’t find this post.

@eehmke : personally I prefer to stay to not modify as all my importants files are on it .

@TP75 : I understand, and it true that can be unusual to put a second account from the same server. I was trying because a friends of me didn’t entered correctly is password and told me 10000 times that he was sure to enter the good one and that he was working on the web url. well I learn him to not make a copy paste when it not working at the first time.

however I’m glad to be able to use again the NC client.

Thank you very much for your help

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@pixiesfr You are most welcome.

Learning of you reasoning, I may suggest for the next time to use a different (probably fresh new) user account or a test user account to help a friend or any other poor soul. (IMHO always good to have a second account at hand to experiment and/or help others without any risk of loosing data.)

Errare humanum est.