(Solved) Nextcloud is completely broken in 28.01/28.02

Wasted the last 10 hours trying to upgrade, I’ve had to revert back to version 22 because this new version is completely broken. Having issues with Java with Nginx.

Why the heck do you changed stuff so much ? Nextcloud is so finkiky been having so many issues with this upgrade.

I give up with this because every update release something changes and it breaks the configuration. This solution is not fit for production.

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Did you update from 22 to 28?


And what are the actual issues you see after upgrading from 28.0.1 to 0.2?

I’ve left it at version 24 for the past 2 years when upgrading to Nextcloud 25 I had problems with Internal Server Error 500 so left it.

I nuked the Server and re-done it fresh install of Debian, Nginx, PHP 8.2, PostgresSQL got it so far until Nextcloud is complaining about ja & mja. Tried the fix by adding the code to nginx server block but same problem. I also noticed that Nextcloud would only work in Firefox not Brave and Safari also tried chrome but same problem. Go to the login page and just showed white background with text nothing else.

Then I migrated to Apache2 got it up and running but that also complains about ja and .mja. It seems to upload files but anything files bigger than 2G I get a 502 Timeout.

So for now I have reverted back version 24 because nothing newer is just broken. Wasted so much time. Oh well it’s out of date but it is what it is.

It seems that updates break a working server which is bad. I really don’t know why the developers keeps changing things all the time, one change breaks the whole lot, it’s like they do it purposely.

I have a server that’s publicly expose running Nextcloud 24 but can’t update the thing.

I run mail servers, web servers etc and never had problems with them but Nextcloud is the troubled one, always had issues with it when it comes to updates.

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The documentation contains a configuration example for NGINX here. You can take a look at that, it also has the relevant configuration for mjs and wasm files.

If you’re starting over, i recommend looking at Nextcloud AIO or the Nextcloud community docker images as these are a lot easier to maintain than having your own server setup.

if you want help with your setup issues, please post the errors from your logs.

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Then you’re doing something non-standard because the recommended configuration, which gets automatically deployed by the installer/updater, includes all the configuration parameters for mjs files automatically.

The only environments that need manual adjustments are ones not using Apache or those that have manually bypassed the use of the the provided base config in the .htaccess that gets updated with every release.

There is nothing wrong with not relying on the .htaccess but it does mean you’re responsible for porting changes to your own Apache config if you decide to take that approach.

I am not using docker. I built from scratch. Due to my requirements you can’t do what I need to do with docker.

Marked as solved.