[Solved] Nextcloud Client for Android 3?


I use Nextcloud already on a number of devices but would also like to integrate my ancient Android 3.x tablet. According to Google Play Store, the latest version is incompatible.
Is there a way to get at least basic file sync functionality on such an ancient Android version - maybe with an older version of the client or an alternative client?

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I don’t have an old android phone to try so I can’t promise anything but you could always try and download the apk manually from the nextcloud library. https://download.nextcloud.com/android/ The oldest one seems to be from 2016, but I would try the latest one first anyway. I wouldn’t trust google play’s opinion… they believe a lot of things aren’t supported on devices and it doesn’t necessarily have to be true… Most devs build their apps with at least some sort of backward compatibility … Maybe not that far back though but who knows?
Be sure to post here if you figure it out if someone else needs the information.

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Thanks for the suggestion. You where right! I downloaded the latest apk and installed it manually and now I can sync files!
Perfect! Many Thanks!

Glad it worked out =)