[Solved] Nextcloud behind HAproxy clients cant connect


I have 2 nextcloud apps behind a HAproxy running load balancing.

all works fine if one uses the web interface

but the clients get som sort of timeout on the remote.php/webadv part when using the HAproxy…It works fine when i bypass the HAproxy and connect the the app servers.

I am running on ubuntu 16.04 nextcloud 12.02.

what should my config be on the HAproxy for it to work…right now i am only using port 443 and just redirecting to that on the HAproxy

Can you output your current config?

Hi Jason.

Thx for your quick responce…sry for my delay :).

Turns out i forgot to set the trusted proxies in the config.php. wich resulted in timeout for all users. because a single user was using a worng password and the brute force protection kicked in… :stuck_out_tongue: