[SOLVED] Nextcloud 11 and nginx, Rewrite and Webdav

Hi, I migrating from a service running apache to one running nginx with php7-fpm, and I am getting plenty of warnings in the admin page, the most serious one being that Webdav is not correctly set up and will not function. and indeed, clients are unable to connect.

The server is running Ubuntu Yakkety

It seems the Nginx version shipped with Yaketty does not have the cache_purge module compiled in Do I read https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/11/admin_manual/installation/nginx_examples.html correctly, that in that case, nextcloud simply can’t work?

No the cache purge module is optional and not required for NextCloud. It also only used for caching previews of the Gallery app.

Thank you!
So the failure of webdav is unrelated.

Another thing I read is, that one has to make sure that Ningx own webdav implementation is turned off, because Next/owncloud use SabreDav. I am not sure, where/ how to turn it off. Nginx seems to be poorly documented. and since all modules are compiled in, there is no obvious way of preventing one from being loaded.
I tried
dav_methods off
but nextcloud still admonishes me.

obviously what interfered were config snipplets automatically included. As soon as I was allowed to make a custom clean config from scratch, it worked just fine.