[Solved] Newbie Q: Nextcloud Box + Pi3 + Nachoparker's NextcloudPi?

I want at last to get a small server.
Each aspect will be new for me, but I think a good solution for low maintenance would be:
Get the Nextcloud Box from WD in the US.
Buy a RPi3 (which version?)
Install Nachoparker’s NextcloudPi image so it has relatively low maintenance

Comments and suggestions?

just do it

What He ^^^ said!

Pi 3 would be the best one to get :slight_smile: Nextcloud Box is awesome and a worthy investment

Thank you all!
The Pi3 Is ordered.
Nextcloud Box already shipped.

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How did your Nextcloud Box and Pi3 install turn out? Did you set it up with Snap?

I have the WDS box with Pi2 installed running Nextcloud Box 12.0.3. I started out with Snap but when I did a upgrade to Nextcloud Box 12 I changed to apt package install to path var/www/html/ because of problems trying to upgrade from Nextcloud 11 with snap . I also installed wordpress and using LAMP created some custom developed PHP MySQL apps. The box is working great with NextCloud 12.0.3
and clients version 2.3.2 installed on several devices on local network.


If you have time I would still like to know How your Nextcloud Box and Pi3 install turn out and if you set it up with Snap?


At last I’m back, now about to assemble that Nextcloud box and install a newer version, that is downloading now:

Wish me luck.

After downloading, I checked md5sum, extracted the .img, got a .deb for Etcher, installed it, and flashed a 64 GB microSD card.
Now to assemble the box

Box is up and running.
USB stick in my desktop machine had nothing written to it…
I attempted both
‣ You should enable dnsmasq to use your domain inside home
‣ You should run Lets Encrypt for trusted encrypted access
But I could not find /etc/letsencrypt file to back up
I am seeking how to change my password


just follow the wizard and those warnings will go away :wink:

Thanks, Nacho, for the “hi”; is there a way to reinvoke the wizard or should I forget about it now?
I seem stuck with 2 pages:
that gives me access to System Info, etc. depending on what I click on the list on the left
that is never satisfied with my password if I try ncp or what came with the Pi (a long string)
I don’t see a way of gaining access to apps like to back up the desktop computer I’m on, running a preview edition of KDE Neon 18.04 or a way to open up a terminal access to the pie or
an rlogin or some other way of setting up Neon on the Pi or something like it.

I will poke around some more…

in the activation page you should have written down the username and password. If you don’t remember, you can change it in ncp-web (nextcloudpi.local:4443) in the section nc-admin.

You can access the wizard anytime in the wizard icon (top bar ncp-web) or the url nextcloudpi.local:4443/wizard


It’s up and running. No snap.
Got some pointers, courtesy of Nacho.
Am functioning now and climbing the learning curve.
A major goal is backing up my desktop and laptop.

How is your WD server working for you?

Thanks for the tips.
I had saved my wizard replies.
I changed my password.
It did not accept the special characters I tried; that was the issue.

I guess the basics on desktop and laptop backup will be in the “Files & Synchronization section.”

Exciting… Lots to look into.

Is there a box(es) almost as inexpensive as the now discontinued WD Nextcloud box to get for my partner’s place?