[solved] Migrate on NextCloud from OC 8.2 and another Server


I’ve just installed NextCloud aside to a openmediavault-Server based on Debian Jessi. My old OwnCloud 8.2.7 is running on a bananaPi, database is stored on a local mysql-server, and serverside-encryption is active.

Now I plan to migrate the data and user to the new nextcloud-server on a different server - how I have to do?

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PS: Sorry about my english, but I’m german and not very goot with english :wink:

You must keep the same version when you migrate. So migrate your owncloud setup first and then upgrade to nextcloud. Or the other way round.

Just copy the data-folder to the new server
Point NC to the same DB(server if you want to keep it) as the previous OC via changeing the config.php and you should be good to go

On first start, NC should donthe upgrade

BUT: backup everything before

Thanx to all - I’ve now migrated all Data (without any loss!) to nextcloud, and the server is running on a new machine :wink:

My steps to migrate:

  • make a backup of oc8-dir
  • update to oc 9.0.4
  • backup Dir and dump of database
  • delete all exept /data and /config
  • install NC into a dir nextcloud
  • copy /data and /config into nc’s dir and edit config.php (datadir)

after running on nc on the old machine:

  • do another backup
  • databasedump
  • install nc on the new machine
  • copy the /data-dir into the new nc on the new machine
  • copy the database-dumpfile to the new machine and restore it to mysql
    That’s all

Maybe it helps someone



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