[Solved]Mail Sharing gives Public Access Error

i use latest NC on Debian Jessie. Password are enabled for public link. I have created folder and files via Win10 Client and synct them successfully into nc. Now i want to share this folder via Mail, but i got an Error that Public upload is not allowed. I dont want an Upload, only share.
any idea?

I have the same problem with NC 11.0.3. Did you find a solution?
Share by mail 1.0.1

there is already a github issue

@Taste can you test if file sharing per mail works?

for me its not fixed. The solution under nginx from rullzer in the issue is: [quote]I’m betting the error message is NGINX’s fault.

Please make sure that

error_page 403 /core/templates/403.php;
error_page 404 /core/templates/404.php;

is removed from your nginx config.[/quote]
But i have Apache and this didnt work for me. I also have not upgraded from owncloud.


i have also apache so this solution doesn’t fit me too. Can you please test, if sharing one single file works?
For me it did. Are you have errors in apache logfiles?

Let’s collect some logfiles and then we should create a new issue on github since the old one is closed.

Hi Micha-Btz,
oh i answered this topic in another thread. For me its now fixed with updating to latest Version 12. Now it seems ok.