SOLVED: Linux client unable to connect to server using custom port

Hello, I’m unable to connect to my url using a custom port for my linux client. For e.g., the linux client cannot connect to ‘

I’m able to login and connect just fine in the browser using ‘’, and the client used to connect and sync when the port was the default 443. But since changing the port, the linux desktop client keeps responding with ‘Failed to connect to Nextcloud…’ right away when trying to ‘add new account’

Is this is a bug in the linux desktop client?


LinuxClientConnectedAlternatePort-Screenshot at 2021-05-12 11-01-11
Works fine for me on Mint:
Nextcloud Desktop Client
Version 2.6.5 (Linux).

What is your setup?

Checked firewall?
Tried removing old account from client, then create new with altered port?

I ran ‘netstat -atu’ in my terminal and I couldn’t find my port opened. I’ll see how I can open that port on my laptop, as that seems to be the problem.

Solved: Reinstalled the entire app.