[Solved] LDAP(AD) a metric ton of Groups, barely working

I am trying to configure the Nextcloud LDAP Backend to work with our company Active Directory.
We already have an owncloud up and running (flawlessly), so I more or less copied the settings.

And besides the group association everything works perfectly as far as I can tell.
But the users only get one group at a time.

The whole behavior is exactly like this one here:


My LDAP Config:

And this is the Error Message I get when I open a Group in the User Menu:

Any Help would be very appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Well, I will be damned:

After using the “automated” generation of the LDAP Query… it works. The query is exactly the same, but now it works.

Directly copying the Search Query was the culprit. One work day well spent. :smiley: