[SOLVED] Issue with file sharing after upgrade to 14.0.1

Nextcloud version : 14.0.01
Operating system and version : Debian 9
Apache : Apache 2.4
PHP version : 7.2

When I want to share a file or a folder, I do not have the possibility to share via link, set password, set expiration date, … anymore. I can only share by email.
When a share is created, I can not edit it and so remove it.

It was working before the upgrade.

thx in advance!

You can try to disable the app and enable it again.

Just tried it and no differences. It’s like it’s not taking into account the configuration for file sharing.

Does the app appear within the Enabled apps by the command

occ app:list

I have finally found the issue. I use uBlock Origin as ad blocker. After disabling it, the file sharing is working again as expected !!

Thx for your help, Sanook :slight_smile: