SOLVED- Is there a way back to Owncloud 9.0.2 for the time beeing?


as no one seems to be able to help with my issue/s posted…

Is there a way to revert back to OwnCloud 9.0.2 for the time beeing ??

  • i.e. does the occ upgrade work backwards as well ??



I think, this may no problem. Create a backup of your ownCloud folder and change the version no. back to 9.0.1. This you make in the config.php. Than upgrade with a ownCloud core in the same way, you upgrade to nextCloud.

Use the backup you did - as before any update :wink:

…sorry :wink:


has anyone tried this before… you seem to be unsure “this might be no problem”… using the occ comand.

The data and database has changed in the meantime (over a week now on Nextcloud) so going back to my backup is not the best idea in this case…

Does anyone know if the NC 905 database structure has changed over the OC 902 database… in that case, going back with an occ upgrade process might not work at all or even destroy the database… ??

according to B.Posselt via IRC:

[14:22] good morning… anyone tried reversing back to OwnCloud 902 from NC905 using occ command ??
[14:22] osicloud: wont work because the version is higher
[14:22] use backups
[14:23] and downgrading is not supported
[14:25] ok… Thank’s !! saves me some trouble :wink:

Unforttunately I have to live with data loss (for the days passed using/trying Nextcloud

Unfortunately I have to live with data loss (for the days passed using/trying Nextcloud

There’s no downgrading in ownCloud either. So if you really want to ensure the ability to revert to a backup of any software without any data loss, then you really need to test comprehensively before continuing to use upgraded software. This is especially true for first releases, as it’s impossible for developers to catch every bug without significant real-world testing by actual users.

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perhaps you could prevent dataloss by exporting the data (files, calendars, adressess pp.) in your nextcloud to a new installed Nextcloud or ownCloud.