[SOLVED] Is apps.nextcloud.com down?


Is there a problem or is it just a maintenance ?



Same problem on our side, apps list not charging.

Guillaume P.

Yes, it is down. There were multiple problems in recent time. I hope Nextcloud finally finds a sysadmin for their infrastructure, they need a good (!) one really bad.

Hi there,

can confirm this as well…

Anyone from nc team can update on status?

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I confirm, it’s down :confused:

Update: Up and running again!

oh yeah :sunglasses: :tropical_drink:

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It’s been down for me again for about the last hour, anyone else having trouble?

It’s down for me, getting a 503.

it’s back on again!

so what do we all learn from it?

three things:

  • apparently nextcloud does know that there is a problem
  • they are working on it.
  • not sure if we can make it better by posting every 5min that the server is down, still.
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