(solved) Installation guide for odroid hc2 ncp imaged|

Hi I m newbie which like to learn and install nextcloud plus to my device

I got odroid hc2 with me
I have successfully install OMV with samba connection and so~on.
But i failed to get nextcloud running from my docker as my docker container kept on restarting… Been trying many way before i gave up.
Its ok.

Now i see there is a image here just to install it in odroid hc2.
Ended with. Tar. Bz2.

Download link :


May i know what is the step to install this?
It seems i couldnt use etcher to flash it do sd card.
Is there any tutorial for a newbie like me around?
I browse around… I dont see what i need or i may not know my unit as arm/deb/arc/etc etc.

Hoping someone could point some direction for me to go.

Thank you.


Hi Guys,

Just fyi. Installation is not easy as ABC for newbie like me. LOL.

But i eventually managed to install this image with :slightly_smiling_face:

Download image from captain #nachoparker
Unzip image using winrar.
Etcher/flash to sd card
Let it bootup run
(connect uart while booting)
It will promt for the login and pw which is root & 1233
Rename it immediately
U done for part #1

Run angryip scanner to scan your ip address for odroidxu4/hc2
Once you know what is the ip address
Paste it to the browser(i m using chrome here)
It will then bring you to activation page with ncp as a user name and long password 1 & 2 (save it into your note txt. U going to need this later)
Click on activate once you done
It will bring you to wizard
Follow the wizard
As i m totally noob.
I skip many steps which i m not known well of it. LOL
Till the end of the tab finished.
It will give you 2 option
1 is go to ncp administrator page
1 is go to ncp login page
You can chose any of them.
Ncp admin page. U need to use the user name and pw1 from the activation screen
Ncp login oage. U need to use the user name and pw2 from the activation screen
This is for part #2
Till here. U have a login pages(yourlocalIPaddress:80)and you have admin pages(yourlocalIPaddress:4443)

Dont be scared… Googling around.
Puzzles around… Then u will managed to get this done.