Solved - Installation Errors - access denial DB setup

During initial setup of Nextcloud on a shared hosting service running Linux and using the web-based installer, having chosen MySQL database, I encountered access denial and related errors, e.g.,

  • SQLSTATE[42000] [1044]
  • SQLSTATE[28000] . . . acess denied for ‘xxx’@’localhost’ (using pword: YES)

Similar errors appeared if I tried to install from the command line (using the occ command).

After many hours of beating on this, searching the forum, etc., to no avail, I discovered that I needed to contact my hosting services tech support and have them raise my level of access. I could not do this myself - tech support had to do it.

I read many posts about this, including some suggesting that one should not reveal / make visible the password used during setup in maintenance mode. Hopefully my experience will help some solve this difficult issue.

FWIW: I could do the quick and dirty install, going with the default SQLite option.