[Solved] Installation coturn TURN-Server

Hello everyone,
I have a Nextcloud installation at a shared hoster (All-Inkl) and also use the videocall-App. Unfortunately the app only works when both paticipants in a conversation use (also different) LAN/WLAN-nets. It does not work from a LAN-net to a mobile phone.
I suppose this does not work because of the missing TURN-server.
I would like to install coturn on another server (V-server).
Does something like that work and if, how?
I would really appreciate if someone could explain the single steps to me.
Ubuntu 16.04 is running on the V-server and I can reach the server via its IP-address.

Thanks very much in advance

You can use this explanation here to install coturn on your server:

/etc/turnserver.conf should then contain something like:

Okay, thank you for your help. I will have a closer look in the next couple of days. If I am able to install coturn (I am not a professional), what must I enter in the Nextcloud configuration?
Is it only the server-IP or http://Server-IP or do I also have to give some port?
Do I have to enter something in the „TURN-Server Shared Secret“ as well?
I think that I can leave the STUN-Server (stun.nextcloud.com: 443) as it is, can‘t I?

I have found a detailed how-to at:

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I personnaly install a coturn on a External VPS for my own Nextcloud.
Easy to install, configure, use.
Therefore the begin was hard because you have to understand what coturn do and why you need it.

Is working in 3g, 4g network but in my office network i have one issue:

I have share to all user in call with PC with this IP setup: (In this PC i can share audio)


In this notebook same network:


I cant share any document, i cant share audio, i can share video no more

Pls help.