[solved] How to remove bottom banner on shared links (Theming)?

Hello nextcloud people,

is there a way to remove the bottom banner in my nextcloud instance? I can alter the text and link via Theming option in the nextcloud settings but it cannot remove the banner completely.
I do only see it via a publicly shared link (Shared Folder and also shared Form (additional App).

This footer comes on public shares (share-links) and consists of

  • the simple signup link that can be disabled with the config variable
     'simpleSignUpLink.shown' => false,
    in config.php


  • the part that you can manipulate yourself with the theming app.

If you want to remove the footer COMPLETELY, you must manipulate the file:


where you have to change the line 39:

	private $footerVisible = true;


	private $footerVisible = false;

You can do that with this sed command, where variable NC_DIR must be assigned to the path of your installation first:


Completely remove footer:

sudo sed -i 's/private \$footerVisible = true;$/private \$footerVisible = false;/1' $NC_DIR/lib/public/AppFramework/Http/Template/PublicTemplateResponse.php

Make footer visible (default):

sudo sed -i 's/private \$footerVisible = false;$/private \$footerVisible = true;/1' $NC_DIR/lib/public/AppFramework/Http/Template/PublicTemplateResponse.php

You need both, to reset it to the default, when you want to run intigrety checks. After that you can switch it back.

Hope that helps,
much luck!


This is awesome! Perfect solution - perfectly explained! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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This no longer seems to work, at least on a new install of Nextcloud 27.

To fix, I installed the Custom CSS app (go to Apps and search CSS or Custom CSS), then went to Theming and adjusted the CSS rules.

Hide the footer:

footer {
    visibility: hidden;

Hide the Nextcloud logo:

div#header {
    display: none;

Hide the “Log in to YOUR_NEXTCLOUD”:

h2.login-form__headline {
    display: none;