[solved] How to disable notifications for shared calendars?


we use various shared calendars and a lot of events get created, the people feel overwhelmed by the many notifications for every event creation and change (in webUI, Desktop sync client and Android app).

How to disable notifications for shared calendars?

I saw a lot of people here asked how to get notifications via email, but no one is annoyed by the notifications in webUI and app? The only similar topic is Notification from shared calendars but no one answered.

Thank you.

Nextcloud 18.0.2 and Calendar 2.0.3

Using this app, you mean?

This issue suggests a way to select for which calendars you want notifications : https://github.com/nickv-nextcloud/event_update_notification/issues/5

Thank you I was not aware that “Event Update Notification” is a separate app. I just disabled it, that solves it for us.

Yes https://github.com/nickv-nextcloud/event_update_notification/issues/5 is a good idea, I would be happy if it gets implemented.

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