[solved] How to DELETE a spreed link

I’m testing the internal video calls app. To invite a non-NC-user, I created a public link using the “participant” box. I can use that link. Perfect so far. My questions:

  • Is it possible to put a password on such links?
  • How long are these links valid?
  • May I change valitity (life span)?
  • How can I delete/invalidate such links?


I just tested it to have at least some answers for you:

You have two options here: End the call (via “X Anruf verlassen” = X Leave Call) or hit the delete button (the trash bin icon) for the public link.

I’d say as long as you don’t end the call or delete the link, forever. Closing the browser might also delete/ end it (haven’t tested that).

I couldn’t find any option for that, so I believe no.

Sorry, did not notice the 3-dot-menu and the thashbin next to the public link therein. THANKS!
It’s a pity though that one cannot create time-limited or password-protected links.