(Solved) Having issues with Nextcloud AIO and accessing files on my NAS

I have Nextcloud AIO running on my Synology NAS. This issue Im having is im trying to retrieve files that are located on the NAS.
For instance, I use to have Nextcloud running on a VM and was able to use the external storage app on Nextcloud to setup a SMB share to access my files. Well now that I have a docker container on the same NAS I cannot set up a SMB and retrieve these files.

I hope I make sense and could use some guidance on what to do.
Thank you for any assistance you can give.

Hi @H31s3nb3rg -

You should be able to use the same approach. What obstacle, specifically, are you running into?

Another option is to mount more of the folders from the NAS within the container bypassing SMB. (This may or may not be what you want though, depending on your security and other needs).

Each time I try and create the share I get the red error. I know the user and pass are correct.

I do have Nextcloud setup using a domain and 2fa. Would this make a difference? I’m pretty sure this is the way I had it setup before.

If you place your cursor over the red exclamation point I think it’ll show you some additional details.

There should be some connection details in your Nextcloud logs too. Also, what do your SMB server logs show?

Perhaps you’re running into some firewalling/ isolation between the Docker containers and SMB service hosted on the NAS?

Also a different approach you might consider: There is no need to use SMB since everything is on the same host. Instead you could just mount the desired folders from your NAS into your NC stack. This would also better from a performance and reliability perspective.

I think I figured it out by adding this to my docker run command
–env NEXTCLOUD_MOUNT=“/volume1/”