[SOLVED] Hard drive very slow when Windows 10 desktop client syncing

I have a number of folders synchronised with my Nextcloud using the Windows 10 desktop client 2.5.1
One of these folders, when Nextcloud is scanning it, causes its hard drive to slow down and become unresponsive for other windows software.
If I pause sync for that folder, the hard drive is fine.
The folder in question holds my desktop versions of various websites, and I wonder if it is something to do with the depth of the folder nesting (there are node_modules folders), and the vast number of small files?
Any ideas?

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I have the same issue.

Mine folder is 24.9GB with 41 109 files and 8 081 folders.

It syncs from office with Windows 10 64 bit and from home with Kubuntu 18.04 64 bit.
No problem with linux.

It’s obviously a Windows 10 issue, because I’ve fixed it by upgrading my Windows drive (NOT the drive the nextcloud files are on). Go figure.

Windows is on C, formerly a 110GB SSD, with about 9GB free.
Data files are on E, 3TB, 50% free.

Upgraded C to a 500GB NVMe SSD - now E has no drive delays.

I’ve started a new thread, because this one is so old, but the problem re-appeared fairly soon afterwards and is still causing problems.