SOLVED: File Retention app not working as expected


I´m trying to get the file retention app working. Goal is, to automatically delete all the files in a specific folder, which are old than a specific time.

For this, I created two collaborative tags, “parent-auto-delete-two-weeks” (public) and “auto-delete-two-weeks” (invisible).
Then I configured new flow:

I also created a file retention policy:

When I set the “parent-auto-delete-two-weeks” to a folder “temp-autodelete-folder” in my nextcloud share, all the files in the folder get automatically the “auto-delete-two-weeks” tag, as expected.
The files also get deleted after two weeks, as expected.

But my problem is, that the “temp-autodelete-folder” also gets deleted after 2 weeks.
How can I avoid this and keep the rest of the automatism active?

Check examples in the documentation Automated tagging of files — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

It is written a bit about this case:

In this case folder will be also tagged with tag Protected file, to avoid this, simply modify the rule to exclude Directory httpd/unix-directory from it.

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thx for the quick reply, I will give this a try!

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